Do You Feel Like You Are On An Endless, Non-Stop Roller Coaster Ride as You Struggle to Loose Weight? YoYo Dieting is another word for this on going path you find yourself on.

YoYo Diet Roller Coaster WomanPatience is not a virtue for many of us wishing to loose even a few pounds, let alone 50 or more pounds.

It seems like one day we wake up and suddenly notice we have added excess weight and we want to get rid of it now!

The YoYo Dieting effect is also called weight cycling.  This is where we jump on a diet plan, loose some weight, feel good about ourselves and then failed to stay on our diet plan.

The next thing we know … we have not only regained the weight we lost, but we may have gained more.  So we go on another diet and the weight cycle starts all over again.

How many times have you fallen into this never ending Yoyo Dieting weight loss, weight gain cycle?

Patience is a Virtue

YoYo Fitness Diet AppleWhen it comes to losing weight, patience is a virtue.  Slow and steady is the best rule to follow.  Many people fail to recognize this and will embark on any crash diet or dieting fad that promises quick weight loss.  Their quick success leads them into temptation and the YoYo Diet trap.

Many of the Crash Diets limit their food choices and in some instances are extreme and only allow certain types of food.  This can often lead to mental depression or fatigue.

In no time the dieter starts falling back into their previous eating habits.  Adding in some of their favorite fatten foods like potato chips or cookies, saying to themselves, just one won’t hurt me.  The next thing you know, you are back to your previous eating habits and the weight is back on, often more is gained.

YoYo Dieting is Unhealthy

Our bodies need a well balanced variety of foods and exercise to function properly.  Since YoYo Dieting is usually associated with extreme food deprivation,  these fad diets play havoc on and confuse our systems. Some studies have shown that weight cycling makes our bodies more efficient at gaining weight.  The dieter experiences body famine which leads to rapid weight gain of only fat.

People who try to lose weight quickly open themselves up to extreme emotional and physical problems due to the stress they put on themselves.  The instant weight loss gratification will lead quickly back to old eating habits that cause weight gain.  The emotional roller coaster takes it’s toll on the dieter’s physical and mental well being.

Ending the YoYo Diet Roller Coaster Ride

The first thing you must realize in ending your YoYo Diet roller coaster ride is to set up a long term goal.  You need to give your body the proper nutrition it needs with a well balanced diet.
  • Set Your Goal and put it in writing.
  • Plan Your Meals:  Daily and Weekly.  Include 6 to 8 Mini-Meals instead of one or two big meals.
  • Eat More with healthier choices.  Yes You Can and still lose weight.
  • Establish an exercise routine
  • Drink Lots of Water.
The best way to break the yo-yo dieting roller coaster cycle is to establish a healthy eating and exercise plan.  Choose a plan that will be easy for you to stay with.   There is no quick fix or magic pill to get you out of the yoyo diet pitfall.  Eat healthy, sensible and often.